Sunday, March 18, 2012

About Me

I recently started to really get involved with some groups that share some beliefs with me.  As I started to share ideas, I realized that I had been holding back for a while now.  I realized that I was worried about saying something that offended someone or made everyone turn around, gasping in disbelief, and "kick me out of the club" because I ate a Girl Scout cookie, watched some network television or bought an orange from South Africa.   

Or... much more controversially, that I believe moms should stay home with their babies and just love them, no one should spend the majority of their adult life in an office cubicle and everyone should stop eating fast food (or doing anything fast for that matter.)

But then I thought, that's no reason to keep quiet. :)  

I included the following on my website - also a major work in progress - and just wanted to share it here.

I don’t fit into any “category” or follow any particular ideology, religion, political party or movement.  My beliefs stem from the very core of my soul.  They are influenced by my personal experiences and journey thus far.  I think we all struggle with the battle of who we were, who we are and who we want to be as we walk through this life.  I stopped looking at this as a battle recently and decided to embrace who I am in the present moment.  I am always a work in progress.  We all are and we will be until the day we move on from this Earth and beyond our bodies and minds.

I discover an overwhelming amount of new information and get the opportunity to witness the perspective of others every single day.  I used to be quiet and polite about my views.  I didn't want to offend anyone, make them feel bad or damage my reputation in “business.”  I have let that all go.  I am compelled to share my thoughts with my family, my friends and the world.  So, when you visit my site some days, you may feel understood, inspired or uplifted.  On other days, you may feel offended or outraged.  I promise, you will likely not feel apathetic, ever.  

I am happy that I do not fit into any particular ideology.  If I did, I would be concerned that my beliefs were not truly my own and, perhaps, simply acquired by blindly following others.

I'm closing with a couple of my favorite quotes today.

The deepest bonds with others are forged not through unquestioningly following the dictates of tradition, but by becoming the kind of person who practices authenticity and integrity - the cornerstones of meaningful relationships.
~ Dr. Melanie Joy

Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.
~ John F. Kennedy