Thursday, November 24, 2011

It’s Thanksgiving

So many will feel grateful and give thanks and yet…

So many will feel burdened and hope for more.

And so much will happen today, just like any other.

Children will wake up to the smells of turkey roasting and the sounds of the parade.

And some will wake up cold and hungry to the sounds of gunfire.

Many will celebrate with family.

Some will think their family is too big, too loud, too small or too poor.

And some will be alone, in an airport, a hotel, a hospital, on a stage or under a bridge.

Some will long to be closer to the ones they love.

A turkey will be burnt beyond repair leaving everyone to eat only side dishes.

A flight will be canceled.

Someone will be very late to dinner.

Someone will not make it at all.

Someone will have to work.

Someone will eat less this year because they lost their job.

And someone will not eat at all.

Someone will cheat on their diet.

Someone will break a bone.

Someone will be sick.

Someone will witness the first breath of their child.

And someone will witness the last.

And the same will happen tomorrow and every day thereafter.

So please, as the stresses of the holiday season begin, don’t let little disappointments worry you.

Don’t take what you have for granted.

And learn to truly appreciate everything around you.

Because someone, somewhere, is wishing they had a day just like yours.

It’s Thanksgiving.

Count your blessings :)

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  1. How true... Reminds me of what my Mother use to say, when we all thought are problems were so heavy & the burden was just too much to bare... " If we all laid our troubles on the table, we would all take our own troubles back ". So we should all count our blessings & extend a helping hand to our neighbors in one way or the other...Happy Holidays to All & May God Bless us All...:):):)